In town out of Crocus, Rogue and you can Pain defeat multiple Mages, immediately after which it find Natsu

New Dual Dragon Slayers proceed to deride Natsu to be good Dragon Slayer who did not defeat a great Dragon. Then they declare they are Third Generation Dragon Slayers and Rogue demonstrates to you one to becoming „true Dragon Slayers”, it killed the fresh Dragon you to definitely trained them Dragon Slayer Magic. [26] Before you leave, Pain turns up to and you can warns Natsu whenever it fulfill inside the race, he’ll tell you him the effectiveness of an excellent „true” Dragon Slayer, to which Rogue responses he has gotten bored speaking to Natsu, which he desires hop out. [27]

Due to the fact communities whom introduced the fresh preliminaries of one’s Grand Secret Video game try shown, Rogue walks out which have Pain and his awesome team, appointment his former character design, Gajeel, along the way. [28]

Rogue remains hushed and you will solitary during much of the initial day. If you’re Sting and you may Rufus start speaking of Warcry from Team Quatro Cerberus, Rogue treks aside claiming the guy will not care, quietly saying to help you himself that he is simply wanting Gajeel. [29] Towards the end during the day, People Sabertooth guides with 20 points full. [30]

Towards Second Go out, through the Chariot, Rogue sees you to Gajeel and you will Natsu also are afflicted by major motion problems, unofficially saying in order to himself he considered that just the guy and you may Pain suffered with the matter. [31] The second go out comes to an end which have Sabertooth putting on 0 facts, moving them as a result of 2nd set. [32]

After, while you are walking down the hall, Rogue issues Pain in regards to the harshness of the guild, stating that Yukino is their comrade, that Sting reactions that it is the norm for their guild and therefore Yukino just gone away while the she is poor

Rogue seems out whenever Yukino was obligated to remove and then excommunicated. Frosch up coming asks whether or not it will also decrease because it’s poor, but Rogue claims it won’t once the Frosch is through him. [33]

After, because Sabertooth lodgings is attacked of the a burglar, Rogue and you can Frosch revision Pain and you may Lector, have been awakened by appears, towards disease. Pain and you can Rogue rundown new hall, looking for the intruder, simply to discover the its guildmates are assaulted because of the good livid Natsu, leaving the brand new Dual Dragons out-of Sabertooth speechless. Since their Guild Grasp seems, the guy witnesses Natsu problem Jiemma to a fight, having excommunication away from his own guild getting wished. [34] Rogue, totally astonished, magic in the event that Yukino’s excommunication makes up about Natsu’s intrusion. He observe since the Natsu effortlessly defeats Dobengal and intensely assaults Jiemma, only for the latter fight becoming interrupted because of the Minerva, who suggests to have grabbed Happier. Natsu ceases assaulting and you may, as he actually leaves the new Sabertooth lodgings that have Delighted, expresses their faith how an excellent guild shall be. Getting Natsu’s terms and conditions in order to cardiovascular system, Rogue silently realizes that Sabertooth is wholly without companionship. [35]

One to night, Rogue is obtainable the rest of their guild when Sabertooth’s Guild Grasp, Jiemma, talks about exactly how Sabertooth is supposed to become most powerful guild

At the end of the 3rd Day of occurrences, Rogue dates back so you’re able to Sabertooth’s lodgings, awaiting the very next day. Given that Pain expresses his attitude towards 4th Go out, Rogue solemnly appears down, strong when you look at the thought. [36]

Inside Fourth Day’s the newest Huge Magic Game, Rogue is seen quietly viewing as the Minerva and you will Lucy face for every most other regarding the Naval Race, that is alone perhaps not seen cheerful given that Minerva tortures Lucy. [37] Afterwards, when the the fresh Cluster Fairy Tail is formed, Rogue with his teammates glance at the this new group. [38] While the next day’s tag fights start, Rogue comes into the brand new arena of the brand new Domus Flau, hitched which have Pain, ready to challenge Group Fairy Tail’s Iron Dragon Slayer, Gajeel Redfox, and you will Flame Dragon Slayer, Natsu Dragneel. [39] [40]